Please note: this information is going to be updated to feature the work of new artists. We will also be optimizing the format of the painting images.

Irene Beck
Elaine Bell
Bella Bowes
Richard Bolduc
Bob Beckett
Malinda Caron
Ada Chan 
Declan Carpen
Anna Coulombe
Elizabeth Conway
Megan Donovan
Julie Fletcher
Jenny Francis
Ildiko Fejes
Doug Garrow
Chris Glor Bell
Christine Hammond
Mike Hinchcliff
Henry Hong
Jessie Huggett
Laura Khaddage
Alixe Hysert
Caroline Joanisse
Tracey King
Analisa Kiskis
Frances Laube
Andre Lanthier
Tony Le
Amanda Lloyd
Chris Maveety
Jessie McComb
Claire Nedzela
Alanna Price
Debbie Ratcliffe
Marika Smart
Alexa Vanveen
Nadia Walji
Jessica Whitney

About H’Art

H’Art of Ottawa is an innovative and inclusive visual arts studio that supports and facilitates the creative practice of artists with intellectual disabilities. The studio’s unique art and literacy program fosters and promotes creative and cultural experiences, collaboration, self-expression, and self-determination. Exhibiting their work through the studio, galleries, and community venues, the artists participate in society in a meaningful way.

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