Imagine Hope Inside My Dream Blog Post

Here is an exerpt from a great blog post about Jessie and her mom’s experience at the H’Art of Ottawa studio:

“[Imagine Hope Inside My Dream …] That phrase has echoed around in my head and heart for a long while and it is still not finished changing me. That’s the kind of transformation that happens at H’Art studios—for both the artists and those lucky enough to own or view some of the paintings—a jolt of recognition and joy, and a slower more gradual process of awakening to a slightly new way of seeing or being in the world. A way that is firmly rooted in life—with its joys and sorrows—and hope.

Many of these painting make me laugh out loud in joy and delight—Mark’s Rake Tree, Julie’s Rainbow Butterflies Dancing, Anna’s Fancy Dress Cupcake Ball; others draw out a certain sadness or even grief—such as Joe’s This Is the Way Friends Used to Be. All are fairly vibrating with life …”

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H’Art of Ottawa is an innovative and inclusive visual arts studio that supports and facilitates the creative practice of artists with intellectual disabilities. The studio’s unique art and literacy program fosters and promotes creative and cultural experiences, collaboration, self-expression, and self-determination. Exhibiting their work through the studio, galleries, and community venues, the artists participate in society in a meaningful way.

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