Celebration of People Artistic Excellence Award 2005 Goes to Irene Beck

H’Art of Ottawa artist Irene Beck is the 2006 recipient of the Artistic Excellence Award from the Celebration of People. Celebration of People marked the United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. The Celebration of People Awards Dinner honoured 11 individuals and organizations whose innovations and vision create opportunities for people with disabilities to live, work and play in our community.

Celebration of People, In My Shoes: The Celebration of People is the top event in Ottawa marking the United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. In My Shoes is a unique cross-disability educational experience. People with disabilities will mentor community leaders. This experience is designed to enhance awareness and understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities by many citizens in our community as they go about various activities in their learning, living, working, and social environments.

“In My Shoes” is an annual job shadowing and educational experience for community leaders from all Ottawa industry sectors. Community leaders share one to two hours in the morning shadowing a person with a disability in order to increase awareness and understand first-hand what a person with a disability encounters each day. Community Leader, Max Keeping, CTV News (VP, News & Public Affairs, CJOH) came to H’Art of Ottawa studio to shadow artist Irene Beck.

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About H’Art

H’Art of Ottawa is an innovative and inclusive visual arts studio that supports and facilitates the creative practice of artists with intellectual disabilities. The studio’s unique art and literacy program fosters and promotes creative and cultural experiences, collaboration, self-expression, and self-determination. Exhibiting their work through the studio, galleries, and community venues, the artists participate in society in a meaningful way.

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